Sonntag, 14. September 2008


Gestern war ein großer Tag für unsere Familie - Henriks erster Schultag und - gut geplant - auch noch sein 7. Geburtstag. Er hat alle seine Verwandten, Tanten, Onkel, Oma und Opa, Patentante, und Cousin un Cousine eingeladen, und dann ...

Viele haben gesagt, ja, ich feiere diesen besonderen Tag mit Dir, aber nachmittags riefen immer mehr an, und sagten ab. ( Ich hoffe, liebe Tine, daß Du wieder schnell gesund wirst....).

Seine Patentante kam dann heute mittag und wir haben die Drachen, die die Kinder haben, hoch gelassen, aber der Wind wollte heute mittag irgendwie nicht richtig wehen.....

Henriks Schultüte, und seine Geburtstagstorte, die ich ihm gebacken habe, habe ich grade noch knipsen können, bevor drüber hergefallen wurde.

Yesterday was a very big day for our family. Henriks first day at school, and - wonderful - his 7. birthday. He has invited all his family, grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles, and his cousin and cousins, his godmother, and so on....

And all said, yes, we will celebrate this special day with you, and then in the afternoon, one after the next said, sorry, I can't come. His godmother came today, and we went to use the kites that the kids have. Unfortunatly there was not a really good breeze to let he kite high in the sky.

This is a picture of his special birthdaycake, I have made him. And his Schultuete.


Tamara hat gesagt…

Too bad only one person came to such a special day. I am sure that he remember it as special. My son's 7th birthday none of his friends came and he remembers it as the birthday we spent at the lake.

I bet he was overjoyed by going to school. I bet you too were overjoyed with the time!

Pippilotta hat gesagt…

Hello Tamara,

I have planed for over 20 persons, and prepared cake and BBQ, and Grandma and Granddad left after eating the cake, so only my 2 friends, and one ( from 3) brothers in law were there.

It was a nice feeling, to prepare salad and everything, and we were 9 persons, instead of 20.