Dienstag, 9. September 2008


Ronja hatte heute den 1. Tag in der 5. Klasse, und sie träumte von einer Schultüte. Als sie dann heim kam, fand sie eine, die auf sie wartete.

Die Schultüte ist Grün, Ronjas absolute Lieblingsfarbe.

Und ihre neue Englischlehrerin ist aus Neuseeland.


Ronja had her first day in 5. class, and she dreamed of a Schultuete ( large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Gernany on their first day at school).
A little one awaits her, when she came home this afternoon.

And it is green, her absolute favourite colour.

And her new English teacher is from New Zealand.


Tamara hat gesagt…

I love the Schultuete. What fun idea. I took my children for icecream after their first day of school. There were also about 4 other families getting ice cream too. I think we started a net tradition.

Pippilotta hat gesagt…

Hello Tamara,

that is a typical german tradition. Why I don't know, but it is nice. Henriks Schultuete isn't ready, so I have to take scissors and paper tomorrow or friday evening.

At first I have to make his birthdayquilt.