Montag, 10. November 2008

St. Martin

Ich wollte noch kurz unsere Laternen vom Martinsumzug gestern abend zeigen:

Oben die ist Ingas, mit der sie einen Lichtertanz aufführen wollte.

Unten die habe ich dann für Ronja, Henrik, Melanie und Sabrina ( Kinder einer Freundin) und mich gemacht.


I want to show the pictures from the lanterns we have made for the St. Martin lantern procession yesterday evening.

In Germany it is tradition to make a lantern procession in honour of Martin of Tours. He was a soldier very long ago. And in one very cold night he and another soldier were around on patrol. He found a very poor man wearing very thin cloth, and he gave him the half of his cape, to keep the man warm.

At night he dreamed, that Jesus spoke to him, he was the poor man, which Martin had given the half cape. Later he quit the soldier life and become a friar. And very later he was chosen for being bishop. He don't wanted to do this job, so he hides himself in the geese barn, but he geese are too loud, so they told his hiding-place with their gaggle.

To honour this man, each year at his birthday we make lanterns and a procession and sing lantern songs and songs which tells from Martin and his good life.

The first one is the one, Inga has made at Kindergarten, and the second one is the one I have made with Ronja, Henrik, Melanie and Sabrina ( daughters from a friend) and one for me.

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Julie hat gesagt…

It looks fun! Pretty lanterns too.