Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

Unser Wetter - Our Weather

Es wird ungemütlich. Es soll ein Schneesturm und orkanatige Böen kommen morgen und zapfig kalt. Und - traumhaft - Schnee. Genug davon, daß ich mal gleich etwas Rollsplitt mit Salz herrichten werde nachher. Und noch mal durch den Garten gehe, die letzten von den Kids verstreuten Sachen einsammeln.


The forecast says it will be awful, they say there will be a snowstorm tomorrow and storm and awful cold. And - how wonderful - snow. Enough, that I have to place salt in the near of the entrance. And I will make the last walk through the garden to collect the things the kids have put outside.


Always smiling hat gesagt…

Sounds as though its going to be brrrrr!! At the moment we are having really mild weather here in the West Midlands and my dh and I have been at our allotment for a few hours these last three days. Good exercise and boy oh boy do I sleep well!

Stat cwched up warm (Welsh for cuddle up!)

Chris x

Julie hat gesagt…

How nice to have snow. We never get any here.
But I imagine that it has its problems and the weather will be so cold! Stay warm