Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

New Years Eve mystery


Überraschung: Bonnie macht einen neuen Mystery Quilt, sie startet an Silvester.

Hier ist der Weg dahin!

Es heißt "Double delight"



surprise! Bonnie is making a new Mystery Quilt, she begins at New Years Eve.

Here is the way to her side!

It's name is "Double delight"


Julie hat gesagt…

Are you going to do it?

Dr. Quiltmom hat gesagt…

I am so excited about Bonnie's new mystery. I am away with DH for the weekend and shopping the LQS for cheddar and indigo. My birthday is the 31st so Happy Birthday to ME!

Pippilotta hat gesagt…

I may will do it, I got a wonderful fabric ( nature with black cats on it) from my sis at christmas, so it would be a nice chance to use it for something wonderful.

Hey Tamara, nice to hear that you have birthday on new years eve. Happy shopping. And a nice weekend with DH alone...