Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

Pinwheels and Patches

Hier ist wie versprochen mein Quilt für den Herbst Patchworkkurs von der VHS Riedlingen. Leider hat meine liebe Freundin Monika haufenweise andere Dinge zu tun, und deshalb werde ich den Kurs alleine halten.

Im Moment arbeite ich noch an einem mit dem selben Muster, nur in Größe ca. 1,40 x 2,00 m, den zeige ich dann, sobald er fertig ist.

Here is the promised picture form the pinwheels and Patches for the adult education center, where I will give a course alone in autumn. My dear friend has plenty other things to do, so I have to teach alone.

I am working on a quilt at the moment, with the same pattern, but bigger 1,40 x 2,00 m.
I will show it, when it is finished.


Dr. Quiltmom hat gesagt…

I love that pattern I am considering doing it too. Too bad I cannot take your class.

Pippilotta hat gesagt…

Yes, that is bad, we would have so much fun together, wouldn't we?

I make the second one with totally different colors, and it turns out wonderful. I have to applique only 2 Sunflowers, than I can stack it together and quilt it.