Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Thank you so much, my dear friends

Dear Kath,

I put the present to a really good place to keep it from peeking. And today I found it, and I am so overwhelmed, thank you for the thistlebag and for the wonderful floss.
I can't find the words, how much I want to thank you.

Dear Tarja,

when I opened the envelopps the last 12 days before Christmas, each morning I had a wonderful surprise from you. Thank you so much.

But the biggest surprise I found in the Nr. 12.
I haven't seen such wonderful fabric in my life before. I love it. It is so beautiful.
Thank you a thousand times for it.

The last time I had thought I have lost my stitching bug, but today when I look at this beautifl floss and fabric, I want to put out my stitching stuff and start...

Thank you both for this!

------------------------ Marion -----------------------------

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